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Originally Posted by artan42 View Post
Chakotay or Riker.
On second thoughts Riker, Chakotay would be useful to make a fire with, you know because he acts as well as a piece of wood.
LOL. Well said!

William Riker- Starfleet trained and well versed in the ways of command. A keeper as long as he knows his place. If a sticky situation develops, can always throw Riker at it.

Kira Nerys - A former terrorist... err, resistance fighter with changing principles. She never went to the Academy and her Starfleet commission feels more like one of political appeasement rather than appointment by merit of achievement imo. Guerrilla warfare is not such an important skill set in the bigger scheme of things so am having some misgivings on her living long and prospering.

Chakotay - Starfleet trained and tactical badass. Former Maquis aside, he has the background and training. His being a former tac instructor makes him worth keeping around.

T'Pol - While not Staffleet trained, her being in the Vulcan High Command almost certainly guarantees she was properly vetted and earned her position. Her scientific background also is a plus.

Bye Kira!
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