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Originally Posted by theillusivenman View Post
Yeah, I'm pretty sure peeps will stumble upon STO sooner or later, it's not the most famous MMO, but it's pretty well known, even to MMO players in general, not only to ST fans. The guys have FB/Twitter pages with lots of talking in, so that's moving in new players as well.

I do guess STO could be advertised more, but even at the moment we have a pretty good income of new players, and it's been more or less going strong since the introduction to F2P.
Definitely agree!

Throwing a bone in the form of a Game advertisement during the trailers at the movies would almost certainly help guide things along, also.

Not saying that it will happen but that if possible, would be good timing and optimal.

Am foreseeing new blood coming but whether they stay or not is another thing entirely.
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