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02-10-2013, 06:46 PM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
I reference the part that I was forced to tank tac cube with no cross heals as Tac in Defiant, something most can't do very easily. I did it, but still common courtesy for others to cross heal if any of their tankier ships arent holding aggro.

Not showing teamwork then and asking for it after is not very smart.
Have you ever tried using mid level heals on a teamate in an STF? I do it all the time, and they usually die within 10 seconds anyway, and then I'm the next target. That's with a max Aux 99 skill TSS2 and a max Aux 84 skill HE1. So you need either a dedicated sci healboat or a cruiser with Extend Shields to do anything significant. The former you definitely aren't going to see much, although the latter you might, most cruisers should be carrying an Extend Shields, although if you have to pick just one EWP is probably the better PvE support power.

So, long story short, not cross healing still doesn't indicate much of anything.