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02-10-2013, 05:47 PM
Originally Posted by theillusivenman View Post
So don't get your hopes high of ever seeing anything from JJ-verse coming to this game.
That does not, of course, exclude that the JJ reality might come in form of another MMO game, but I don't see Cryptic doing it, undercutting the number of their own players they have in a game already just to push them to the other game, specifically because, as far as I know, it has been said many times that the older Star Trek fans are a majority at the moment. (And judging from the fact Federation as a majority of players in this game have lot more content then their minority brothers Klingons, I think it is safe to say Cryptic playes on the majority-card), I don't think Cryptic would loose all it's players to capture a portion of that number catering to the minority.

Just my opinion though.
I actually have my hopes high of never seeing anything form JJ Trek coming to this game. Cryptic not doing it was one of their smarter moves.

May the force be with our friends SW fans, since I believe that logic & franchise will be long gone.

P.S. I believe the new JJ Trek has the potential to bring people to STO if Cryptic promotes the game as it should and I don't expect those people to be driven off the game just because is not JJ Trek. It's a Star Trek MMO, noone can expect to literally re-live the same events and stories from any ST movie.

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