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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
You can eliminate all Sci consoles other than Field Gens from that list thanks to embassy.

Also EPS I can't really think of why it would be desirable but if you say so.
EPS is desirable if you have an Aux 2 battery build. You really really need it if you do.

Biofunction monitor and Shield Emitter Amplifier are also not in romulan embassy. Shield Emitter Amplifier is also a desirable console if you have a high shield modifier.

Biofunction isn't junk. A mk 12 purple biofunction keeps crew alive 100% even in theta radiation. AND crew with human boffs with leadership, actually makes crew useful.

My results so far are just total of those not the green/blue/purple separation:
Stealth Module(2); Sensor Probes(3); Countermeasure System(1); Inertial Dampeners(1); Flow Capacitor(5); Graviton Generator(3); Particle Generator(1);Emitter Array(3); Field Generator(2); Power insulator(3); Biofunction Modulator(3); Shield emitter amplifier(2);

Injector Assembly (2);Field Emitter(1); Plasma Distribution Manifold(3); Diburnium Hull Plating(1);Parametallic Hull Plating(2); Electroceramic Hull Plating(2); Ablative Hull Armor(8); Monotanium Alloy(7); Neutronium Alloy(4); tetraburnium hull armor(1);RCS accelerator(4); Emergency force field(0);SIF generator(2); EPS flow regulator (3)

Directed Energy Distribution Manifold(1);Warhead Yield Chamber(1); Prefire Chamber(2); Variable Geometry Detonators(4); Transphasic Compressor(3); Polaron Phase Modulator(2); Photon Detonation Assembly(2); Tetryon Pulse Generator(2); Ambiplasma Envelope(0); Chroniton Flux Regulator(1); TCD Subspace Infuser(1); Plasma Infuser(1); Disruptor Induction Coil(2); Antiproton Mag Regulator(0); Phaser Relay(1); Zero Point Quantum Chamber(4);

So that was out of 96 consoles made. There are only 3 types I've yet to get green blue or purple of: Emergency Force Field, Antiproton Mag Regulator and Ambiplasma Envelope. I plan to continue to track this as I do more, but probably post when I have 200ish consoles made. We want this help build support!