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02-10-2013, 06:29 PM
Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Well... Maybe a bit. They do need to come up with some events or at least C-Store releases.

However, I think it won't be a deadzone UNTIL May because I doubt they'll wait until May 1st to announce everything they're doing in May.

A month from now is PWE's next shareholder report. With not terribly exciting numbers, they'll likely start spilling details.

As they spill details, it will push STO traffic up a bit.
They should pony up for a New trailer to be played in the previews for people watching "Star Trek - Into Darkness"

Same style/music/score/voice acting as the free to play Trailer but updated with any new content. That trailer just makes me want to play. It should be top notch if run in the previews before the movie plays.