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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
2 things that make the lance inferior to the javelin, that have nothing to do with the ability itself, but the ship they come with.

tactical console slots
high ranking attack powers

So basically the lance is an ability that comes with a ship that is in no shape or form suited to opperate it effectively like the guramba that is basically build around its weapon.

solution to give the lance more firepower can only be to redesign the whole ship. Boff layout, consoles, maybe a fleet version that mirrors the fleet assault cruiser.

personally i think both the dreadnought and the guramba shouldn't have their "speacial consoles" build in...give them a console only useable to that kind of ship, and introduce the fleet version at the same time.
We don't need a Fleet Galaxy-X - we need a functional Galaxy-X. It needs vastly improved turning, sensible cloaking (all cloaking "devices" should at worst be "battle" cloaks that take up a device-item slot and not a console slot), and a "phaser spinal lance" that doesn't only look good on the tooltip.

In the one episode you see the ship, what does the lance do? It doesn't diffuse on shields. It doesn't char the hull. It causes holes and explosions and fires rather quickly (every few seconds as opposed to every few minutes).

As for turning it "Fleet" - why aren't VA zen-store ships "Fleet" from the get-go? Why aren't zen-store ships scaled with level from the get-go (aside from the obvious "$$$" that is)?

As for Boff stations - stations and powers need an overhaul. I still don't see a purpose behind an ensign station on any ship once you hit Captain-tier given how the powers are distributed. (Especially where Cannons are concerned - what I am going to do, Aux2Bat + CRF2 or SV2 on this ship? Seriously?)

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