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02-10-2013, 07:25 PM
I always put a heal console in for hull and shields. I take aux to structural and hazards. I bring Aux batteries. I bring tac team. That's about all you'll need. Keep an eye out. Don't get in trouble yourself if possible. This way you're not the one sucking up heals. If you see a team mate in danger, TT can quickly shift any shields they have left. Aux to struct is a fast repeatable heal. Hazards clears those nasty plasma fires. Aux bats power those heals up nicely. If you have the room for a TSS, all the better.

You don't need to sacrifce your own damage dealing to be a good team member/healer.

And lastly, if the person isn't trying to help themselves, you can't save em. If they ARE trying to help themselves, those few simple basic heals will most often give them the buffer they need to pull it out.

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