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02-10-2013, 07:35 PM
Originally Posted by talonzahn View Post
I'm also a returning Tac Officer, that apparently can't make new threads?

Any advice on this build:


Basically I fly in circles blasting away. I seem to do fine DPS, but sometimes the agro gets out of control in ESTF's and my survivability is next to nil once that happens, if I can't escape.

I also fly a Galor with the Spirals, Quantum Torp front and rear, and 2 Disruptor Arrays in the rear. It has the Borg set, and replace consoles to the according weapon type. It seems to tank pretty well, but the DPS seems much less than the Escort.

I'm actually not sure where to pick up from where I left off about a year ago.
You're basically flying your Escort like it's a Cruiser. That's fine when you're playing solo, I don't want to tell you how to have fun... but when you go into ESTFs, it's important to know that you're affecting the game of four others.

You should be running 3 or 4 Dual Heavy Cannons up front, and 3 Turrets in the back. You can go for an all-cannon build (which is a waste of an Ensign Tactical Boff slot for Advanced Escorts), or you can load a torpedo launcher up front. You really shouldn't be running torpedo launchers in the aft.

As for your consoles, you really don't need EPS Flow Regulator, Shield Emitter, or Biofunction Monitor. Your tactical consoles are fine, though.