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02-10-2013, 11:40 PM
You expect Cryptic to backtrack through STO and update it with the new features of their newest game ?

At best your likely to see a minor attempt at adopting some of the stuff but even then I wouldnt bet on it. They want to sell Neverwinter Nights, which will depend on selling the new features that go with it.

If they include those features in STO in removes the exclusive nature from their new shiny product. All your really seeing is Cryptics hilariously pathetic MMO evolution.

All Neverwinter Nights really proves is that Cryptic are yet again a collection of incompetant liars because repeatedly they have said X,Y,Z couldnt be done because blah blah blah.
I.E Interiors need to be big because camera bull... hows that working for you Neverwinter Nights ?

The reality is... we really dont have the talent or incentive to do it when all you Star Trek fanboys will happily lap up any piece of eye candy trash we give you.