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# 19 noone left?
02-11-2013, 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by lter View Post
No if there's no one left to recruit. Nah, Starbases were a total bluf. Actually, more people is leaving the game and our fleets because of starbase, embassy and rep system, than we can recruit, I. Yes, your toon can drink boodwine in your starbase, but the game's still getting empty. Maybe the bloodwine is not enough reason to spend 1-2 years of great effor upgrading a virtual starbase of a game without content for it.

Appart from the bloodwine and the tribbles, of course.
We have a membership of 500 and we delete non active players who haven't logged in for 60 days. Usually that means kicking 20 people and our recruiting gets the 20 back in a week. there are lots of people looking for a good tier 5 fleet not many looking for lower tiered fleets cause its a waist of time and money. We have 20 to 35 people on daily and this game is not dying as you suggest.