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02-11-2013, 12:37 AM
The biggest tool I've found for fixing fighters going wonky, is to keep them on recall when not in use, and bind the carrier commands somehow. (The UI will display three power bars, but has key binds for the first four bars by default.)

Anytime they want to go AWOL, issue the recall to slap the stupid out of them, and reissue the real command you want. Most of the time they go AWOL is when the finish with one target, and poll a teammate across the map for additional targets, I think. When you launch a fighter with something already targeted, or reissue the intercept command with a target they seem to behave a little more sensibly. That is defaulting to that target when no intercept priority targets appear.

Not the best fix, but it works better then trusting them to always do the right thing sadly. (Not to say programming them to "always do the right thing" would be easy.)