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Originally Posted by maliusnight View Post
If you want damage, the only way to get it is the accept a more restricted arc. That is how the system works. It takes some skill to keep a target in the 45' arc, compared to the 70 degree side arc.

The damage to arc trade off is why folks fly things like the Aqarius destroyer. If you break that system the whole meaning of space combat comes apart. I'm not trying to derail this thread. But failing grasp that makes anything else meaningless.

The area I think that should be look at if you want to mess around with Beam damage in Beam Overload. BOIII would be fine concept except for the massive power drain attached, finding means to negate the problem should result in effective beam damage becoming possible.
Restricting the ars would only make them viable for faster ships. thats the problem with the system in its current state.

And for beams it makes no sense given how they work, it supposed to be the longer the array the more energy it can use, the more damage it can deal.

Where as cannons are emplacement weapons and to do more damamge you need a bigger cannon, and bigger cannons are harder to swing around.

Beam banks also count as emplacement weapons, which is why I didnt really bother with them.

And beyond the damage increase I suggested(which was rather small) I also suggested some ability changes and an innate shield penetration bonus to all beam type weapons.

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