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"So you see, if you can get me those warp lingdunions, ancient as they are, I can split the profit," Git offered, his words low and careful.
Luke looked his old friend over. Friend being a loose term when it came to this Ferengi. Still, he had saved Luke's life on several occassions, though always making sure it was understood that it was for Git's own gain.
Luke knew different, though he would never dishonor the businessman by divulging such.
"They were outlawed by the Federation decades ago, due to their leakage of carbons, sometimes in such a high amount, they can overwhelm a small village."
"Oh, I know this. It would be used on a rock planet, not even a planet, really. More of an asteroid. Hardly even an asteroid when you..." Luke waved him off with a chuckle.
"I hate to break the news to you, but I am not due to leave this station for another week, the Wolfpack is being furbished with a duel core plasma cannon."
"Ah, well, I have other avenues to attend in this. It would have meant some nice gold latinum in your swelling chest, none the less."
"None the less," Luke smiled. "I thank you for thinking to involve me in such a deal."
"You have come a long way, Luke. A long way. You were but a child when I met you. Your father was my best business partner. I only wished that he would have asked you to stay with the Ferangi, instead of insisting on you attending the Starfleet Academy. It was his only weakness, that you get to know your humanity," Git said, but there was no insult in his tone, only a matter of fact view from a Ferengi.

Luke walked Git to the transporter, and saw him off. Sezirea watched them from a distance, letting Luke have his time with a man that was somewhat of an uncle to him. She knew where Luke was from, though as far as she knew, the Federation had no idea. His records were not really doctored, his actual parents were shown. The Earth city he would have lived in had he remained with them was marked as where he grew up. He was shown to have been home schooled, due to illness. All of this Luke once confided to her, in a drunken stooper after he lost a drinking contest with a Klingon. What with the wars, and the Borg, and the refugees spilling in from all over the galaxy, who had time to check beyond the surface to insure his story was legitament. He aced all of his entry exams. He passed all manners of lie detector tests. Luke was, according to all sources, who he said he was.
Of course she told him all he spoke of, and asked if it was true, a couple of days after the hangover wore off. Luke almost denied it, and had he done that, she would have let the matter drop. However, in perhaps a moment of weakness, he simply nodded. They never really spoke of it again, and he offered no more information into his past. The best she could piece together now, having served by him for a few years, and now under him, was that he had odd friends in the smuggling business. They also took on odd cargo at times, and his orders sometimes changed suspiciously, to suit where the odd cargo needed to go.
As a loyal officer of the Starfleet, over a century now, she should have reported him. However, Sezirea was fascinated by him. His dark eyes. His handsome smile. His outlook on life was nothing like the sterile life of the officers that filled the Federation. No, Luke was different.
Sezirea simply chuckled at that a moment.
"Aren't we all different," she said to herself, and walked to meet Luke, who was walking back to meet her.

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere