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02-11-2013, 01:41 AM
That is btw. exactly the problem I see, monsterofblood. New players who are looking for a fleet have no reason to choose a smaller fleet that has yet to complete Tier 3 (or even 2) - when they can join a large fleet that already has Tier 4 or even 5.

Why bother with the expenses if You can already reap what others have sown? Admittedly, some Fleet Credits may have to be obtained beforehand by temporarily joining a small fleet and contributing to their projects. Which is a small phenomenon I have come to experience. The small fleet even gets something out of it but then again - it does not suffice to bring them up to par.

With Elite weapons and equipment both for ground and space, access to Fleet grade ships (+10% hull and shields and a tenth console slot) and a system that will most probably find itself being even more expanded over time with at least more Fleet ship versions if not more I already see many of the smaller fleets not only struggling to keep their members but dying on the way there.

So yes, while I think the Starbase and Embassy projects are something worth to strive for - it is also something that polarizes players into those who want to benefit from a large fleet and those who grit their teeth to struggle on for the dire times ahead.