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02-11-2013, 03:51 AM
Originally Posted by trwarbuck View Post
Okay, let me first open this by saying this. No I am not another whining Federation player who wants a advanced battle cloak for Federation Starships.
Now I will make my point.
Since the Federation is aiding the Romulans on New Romulus. How about making the Cloaking Device from the Tactical Escort Retrofit able to be installed on to any Federation starship. Or, incorporate a cloaking device in to the Reputation system along with a Plasma Quad Cannon.

This would take care of a lot of issues.
1) Shut those whining Federation players up.
2) Make the Romulan Tactical Boffs worth obtaining for a Federation player.
3) Expand the available equipment on the Reputation stores. Having a Cloaking Device would also allow KDF players to unlock the Cloaking Device for ships that does not come equipped with Cloaking Devices.
4) This would also make it possible for non-Federation and Non-KDF hulls (Breen Chel Grett, Jem'Hadar, Cardassians, Farengi)i to be equipped with Cloaking Devices.

Plasma Quad Cannon
The Plasma Quad Cannon is a piece of equipment that should of been included in the Reputation store from the very beginning.
No, you're not one of those whining Fed player who wants a battle cloak.. you're worse because now you want cloak for all other Fed ships... Goodness me..

The cloaking discussion has now risen a few levels.. *takes popcorn*