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# 1 Classic tournament take 2
02-11-2013, 03:52 AM
After our latest success and interest in classic tournaments, and that someone felt left out *cough* Regulus and Lag Ind* cough* ive decided to take another go at it.

We`ll still make use of the same rules, but I will open for modifying the rules at a new TS session 2 weeks before the tournament starts, to accomdate new stuff which has been added to the game. TS will be bootcamp server on the following details:
This will occure on 16 february at 22.00 CET/4 PM CET. Get that timer straight now *cough* Regulus *cough*

Tournament will be held at the 2 march at 20.00 CET /2PM EST. Use bootcamp server to meet up, and be there sharp, not 30 mins later. The only excuse I will accept is if you just had to shag your better half.

As usual I will give the honoured duty to Sargon to draw partcipating teams faceoffs to make this neutral and unbiased as possible.

Oki! Cheerios folks and start signing up teams!
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