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# 1 Jem HEC Aux2bat skills respec
02-11-2013, 04:06 AM
Hi there. Was wondering if i can get a little advice on a respec for my Jem HEC that is in a 3x dhc pha/pol setup with an omega torp with spread and 2 turrets and cb in the rear.

Is them 2 warp core skills worth specing in 3 each or not.

This is what i have atm, well thinking about for when i use a respec token for this ship and setup.

I have tried to max what i feel is important with max damage, healing and aux2bat setup. Not really one for torps but i want to use one in spread, not really sure how much torps need specing into like so if it doesnt need to be as maxed then what values for a reasonable omega torp spread do you think would be good to go for?

The end 6 in engineering skill sets I'm never sure which to spec and how much so i try to average them all out best i can tho i think the armor one i might not need as much i dunno tho as usually i stick 6 in that as well but skill points are all used atm. I do want to help my aux out due to aux2bat, i also want eng boost for turn rate and weapons max if i could and i do want to max my shield and hull healing as best as i can.

Do i need to spec to sensors or not?

So basically i think i have a reasonable skill planned. I am just curious if i can take points from some places and put in others to max them out or not. Like them 2 warp core skills which i could put points into projectile crits or not or armor skill in the eng section. Also as i said im not sure if i need sensors specced into or not and how much to spec into projectile skills and crits for it.