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02-11-2013, 03:14 AM
here is an idea...

dont mess with the base dps, power drain or arc of beams/cannons as i think these are ok but you could introduce versions of beam weapons that have extended range (eg. 12km or 15km) Beams become long range weapons that you can use whilst staying out of the range of cannons. Perhaps you could decrease the range of cannons to 8km.

Another idea is to up the innate accuracy of beams and decrease the inate accuracy of all cannons. eg all beams get the equivalent of an inate +[Acc] x 0.5 , whilst cannons get -[Acc] x 0.5

These suggestions are basically playing to the strength of a beam (less damage, more accurate, larger range) over cannons that are high damage but a little more scattershot and not as good at range.

EDIT here is another idea... which does mess with the dps of cannons. Introduce a chance to deflect when a cannon shoots into a shield. e.g if a cannon fires against a sheilded target there is a 5% change the shot will be deflected and miss. This wouldnt be the case on an unshielded target. Beams would have no such deflection change. Therefore beams effective dps against shields would remain unchanged whereas cannons would be decreased.

EDIT (2) Another Idea. Add an innate CritH modifier to beams that is based on a ship/captains sensor skill. A captain with +9 in sensors and 2x mk 12 consoles will be getting c.+160 to sensors. This should be equivalent to c. +4% crit chance (ie [CritH]x2) and you could scale this so that for every +1 to sensors you had +0.025% Critical Chance. Again this plays on the accuracy of beams (more accurate means more likely to hit a weak point on the target = crit hit)


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