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# 1 Ground PvP Battle ground!
02-11-2013, 03:47 AM
I heard talk of introducing battle grounds into pvp which made me think back to the battlegrounds of wow. It would be so easy to do and it would encourage pvp if there was some large scale pvp map that was only available at certain times as the Defera invasion once was. You would build it like a war zone but make the spawn inaccessable to the opposing faction by placing invincible , highly leathal turrets or placing it too high to reach, or both. You could place PVE objectives deep within enemy territory to gain points and it could work similar to an assault match.
Also, it might be more practical to make the map more long than wide to encourage players to take a particular path or two and ensure the players can't really avoid each other. To stop leechers from ruining the matches have a minimum or no reward for those who do below a certain amount of damage.
On each end of the map could be the respective factions base, followed by a trench style area, and maybe a city like area in the center or a crashed alien ship to battle for control of.
What if there where dilithium mines in the game that we had to pvp for control of? I have so longed for territory control in this game and it would not ba hard to make.
What are the future plans for pvp in this game?
Don't reply with QQ. Pvp isn't as broken as you think. The game is just very easy and people are shell shocked when all of a sudden the half-baked tactics that got them to Admiral stop working. I was a raid tank on wow for 5 years. I know how to research and adapt. Maybe some of you could use the time you QQ all over the forum to do the same.