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02-11-2013, 05:25 AM
Awesome-sauce chart.

I think my crew would also be a Nadesico type crew, but in this case, actually 'do' deserve their ship(s). Kinda could extend into the Doffs, since I've done them so much, they too are developed as a part of the crew.

I think the basis of my crew relationships, bases from the family line that my three starfleet captains all hail from, the Kerensky family, of whom Jeain and Terrai were Starfleet officers themselves, that adopted Aleaic and Ashar, into a family that ends up with multiple sisters (genetic) one of whom, Caladeni, also ends up in Starfleet. Hikari ends up in Aleaic's crew, soon after the Vega incident, to watch out for her younger adopted brother, while Caladeni (Sci) and Ashar (Tac) end up on their own ships. All are VAs now, and have complex crews of their own.

Aleaic is in a love triangle with two fem boffs, among his command crew (twenty plus boffs, that I have accumilated,) that has lasted since Aleaic first ever remembers 'being' on Earth. (The whole sorta lost son of a homeworld way outside the Federation, in the Beta Quad somewhere not discovered, that has it's own unknown history with the Iconians... anywho...) Most of Aleaic's crew come from a rather large friendship family, that comes from Japan, Florida and Montana (since shuttles and transporters are so prevalent,) as well as attachments from all across the Alpha Quad, in the years since attaining command. (Half Romulan, Breen, Reman, Klink, Orion, Gorn... almost all bases covered race wise.) Relationships are complex, and allowed, as long as professionalism on duty is maintained. Must all work, since the crew has faced everything that game content has to offer, and thrived.

Ashar has a crew of all females, that... well... complex imagination warrented here. Caladeni has a crew that's mostly female, more of a sisterly (clean) setup here, with a Tellarite male, that is a long time friend and confidant, sorta like what Sisko and Dax had going. And all of them have a loving Father, whom (for moi directed part,) is the Ambassador to Tellar, whom keeps a keen eye on his prides and joys, as well as a Mother that is equal parts proud, and still STEAMED at them all, for the three being at Vega, when the Borg attack occured. Jeain still lets them have it, now and again about that, making three Admirals feel like kids again, each and every time. And the hooks of family reach well and deep, for most of the various crews, some with parents and sibilings in Starfleet, others in the Merchant fleet, others in civilian roles, a lot of which is 'borrowed' from many of my favorite books, series, anime, so on... (Not making any money off of this, just paying dues for the verteran perks. :p )

If anything from thus jumbo is clear, is that my scale of family and more, permeates my various crews, beyond just the second star to the right. More like five stars after that, and so on. One day I should write about this, just for fun. Probably more than enoguh one shots and characters than one can keep up with, but that's how I roll with my crews.