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02-11-2013, 04:35 AM
This is my ship list of choices:

Tac Odyssey
Fleet Excelsior
Breen Battlecruiser
Both Mirror Escorts
Wells Temporal Vessel
Regent Assault Cruiser
Mirror Assault Cruiser (cause the MACO set 'really' makes it look like a 'mirror' ship. No joke.)
Galaxy Dreadnought
Ambassador Cruiser

...and the 1000 day tac-cruiser is in the pipe, come spring, and considering the Defiant and Tac Carriers, to play around with. (Money speaks, I think...)

...and I 'do' remember the tray power setup problem being fixed once. Let's get it fixed again, cause sometimes I wana blast things with cannons, and others just fly rings around Borg, and beam array and grav well them to oblivion. It 'would' be nice to save a few minutes by 'not' having to reassign power so bloody much. (Yeah, don't switch ships. Uhuh... whatev....)  1378014577