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02-11-2013, 04:45 AM
If nothing else, we could try and get pug groups going with the classic rule set? It was surprisingly fun doing that. Of course try and balance the groups. Maybe even run it around the same time as the normal Saturday meeting. Give the different groups options.

I should have a decent friend-made ready for the event. The original fleet team kind of fell a part as most the players have retired from STO. Two of the guys where suppose to be there but I think the storm on the east coast put them out and another has medical issues and wasn't able to make it.

In any event, I know of several friends who have been putting alts together for classic pew. So even if a tournament isn't able to happen at a set time, we can try and keep groups readily available. The bootcamp TS is always available so even pug groups for classic pew can jump up anytime. Make the most of the resources we have spent on gear and whatnot.

We all mostly want good pew anyway and while competition is fun, good fun matches are just as fulfilling (if not more.)

Just my thoughts.
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