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02-11-2013, 04:53 AM
For my part, I don't pvp, and do STFs beyond more than what is healthy, so this is my slant on things.

I put together a Fleet Excel build, based on using a two piece Borg kenetic beam with the console, and the three piece Romulan plasma set, along with a full set of STF Borg plasma arrays, along with a mk XII Plasma Dual Beam Bank, that I begot in an STF loot drop. Three Mk XII blue plasma tac consoles, the rest the usual console choices, with an EPS console as my prefered eng console, over a (IMHO) cruddy RCS.

The Borg mod on the STF arrays might not be much these days, but the rest of the weapons all work just fine. The Kenetic and Romulan arrays actually (unless I am sorely mistaken,) reduce power drain, leaving the other arrays to get more bank for the EC. Plus seeing a Torp Spread III send off a wall of Plasma Torp Deth, off a burst Evasive Maneuvers at the enemy, is always fun to see, before melting everything. About the only thing I can't fully tank in this game, is the some 20+ klink vessels in a SB24, that I get attention from, from FAWing too much. (And a deth, (yes I typed deth,) only comes after about a couple minutes of sustained damage, with all CDs exhausted, and so on, yada wada...)

I've been a career cruiser captain, from a week after launch, and this tub is my current fave, with firepower, speed and manuverability. I throw in a Tractor Repulsors on my sci boff slot, and can even do Kang duty on CSE elite. And to be sure, I switched out my MACO Mk XII shield, for the Adapted version, and gave up the Grav Beam, for more shield hp, and just... don't die... in STFs anymore. (Aside from a server drop, about the only 'way' anymore there.)

Again, I PvE exclusively, so take my version of experience, for what it is.