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02-11-2013, 06:07 AM
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I've been playing for about a month now, and love the game, so these are my questions, so far, and thanks in advance!

1. Is crafting even worth it? The items you can craft seem gimp in comparison to items you can get from fleet, omega or romulan embassies.
Seems like a bit of a joke, or am I missing something?
This is the same in most MMOs, top tier crafted gear can be enough to stand a chance in top tier dungeons/raids/missions, but pales in comparision to the gear you can get for running said dungeons. With the rare exception of crafted gear that takes the equipment from said dungeons as materials.

Originally Posted by frelsi777 View Post
2. Are carriers under powered? I get the feeling the carrier interface needs work. The fighters I launch don't seem to obey orders too well, and its hard to know how many alive and active fighters I have out there, its a bit annoying, and I'm thinking of ditching my carrier until they improve carriers and pets in general - does anyone else agree? BTW - Heavy Escort Carrier here - one bay.

Thats all for now - thanks
Carriers are difficult to determine whether they're underpowered, officially the amount of weapons on Carriers is balanced against their ability to summon fighters, it is however let down by both a lack of control and lack of an interface to monitor your fighters.