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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Hopefully these will get added to the list:

A- Hyper Plasma Torpedo under high yield has a 2 to 3 second delay before firing when the ship firing it is decloaking. In comparison, a regular plasma torpedo or the omega torpedo fire instantly as the ship decloaks.

Further observation shows the hyper plasma does not fire until the bird of prey's wings are fully folded down. Timer coincidence or related? who knows. The hyper plasma should fire at the same speed the other torpedoes do.

B- Reman set bonus to heavy torpedo defense and speed is highly insufficient. AI not only instantly targets+shoots them the moment they pop out of your ship but also the AI's Fire at Will beam attacks seems to have an instant preference to target the heavy torpedoes and mines instead of the ships which are much closer to it. Player FAW does not do this.

Would be nice if the defense was upped significantly.

C- Tachyon beam effectiveness in PvP is lacking (and PVE too for that matter). It would be very useful if it also prevented shield balancing (manual or from TT) for the duration of the beam.

D- If I use two High Yield 3's on my boff tray (same ability in two different boffs) and trigger both, the game displays a '2' in the high yield 3 icon. However, when I fire the very first torpedo it consumes both charges and does not provide any additional boost to that torpedo being fired. In essence, the second high yield is lost.

Would be great if it gave one torpedo a double boost or if it worked as it should and consume one charge per torpedo fired.

E- Omega torpedo under high yield/spread triggers a timer on the omega torpedo even though it has 4 charges left. Should it not trigger that timer only if you use up all the charges?

Or perhaps it would be better if the high yield/spread simply used up all the charges and the one shot fired have a 15% boost per charge? This alone would make omega unique and different compared to hyper plasma.

F- Related to E, the Omega torpedo fires one charge per click... which is quite annoying to use in a cloak-capable ship since you end up having to click fire on the silly thing manually (other ships keep it in autofire but then lose the charge-accumulating benefit).

Would it not be better to allow it to fire all charges in one click like hyper plasma does and have it kick in a 12 second reload timer when the last charge is used up?

G- If my science ship has a tac boff with subsystem targeting skills trained to full why does the native ship ability not receive the timer reduction as well?

H- Faction passive bonus that adds kinetic damage to energy weapons and torpedos (I forget the name): The math is off and biased to energy weapons. 2.5% proc chance per shot vs 5% per torpedo... a beam array fires 5 times per cycle, a cannon more than that. A torpedo fires once. Should the projectile proc rate be increased to 10%? Or perhaps could the ability be given a different proc for torpedoes? : 10% chance to apply 50% damage to shields. Now THAT would be grand.

I- Tricobalt mines are now seen out to 1km.. can they please at least be sped up in their activation time? The deploy (spread-out) animation should be halved and the timer to activate/cloak should halved.

J- Plasma fire green smoke tends to have a huge impact on FPS. Could it be changed to simply be green fires emanating from small hull sections rather than just a cloud of green? Im thinking the same fires-on-hull animation when your ships is extremely damaged or is spinning as its about to blow up..but green.

K- Passive shield regeneration bonus from reputation system (I forget the name again) on starships does not scale with ship shield power levels. I get it, a 700'ish shield regen per 6 seconds is nice but if it doesnt tie in with the ship power levels to scale up then it really is quite weak for such a high tier ability.
Are these PVP related? Cant figure that out. This list seems to be general issues that need addressing rather than PVP centric. Should it not be discussed or brought up elsewhere?

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