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"FIRE!!!" Commander Minhere shouted, as the U.S.S. Wolfpack shook from the impact. All phasers were fired at once, damaging shields of multiple targets, and luckily taking out most of the plasma missiles that were deployed.
Silence, then another round of shaking.
"Fire phasers at will," the young commander cried out.
"Damage Report?" A calmer female voice called.
"Shields are holding, Lt. Sezeria, damage is very minimum, mostly from the torpedoes shaking the hull," called back Lt. Commander Pac.
"Bank hard to port, then round the station. If these Birds want to fight us on our own turf, then let them see what 47 can do," Luke said.
As if on command, Starbase 47 began firing it's plasma turrets on the lead Romulan vessel.
"On my mark, fire all weapons on the lead bird," Luke called.
The bridge became silent but for a brief moment, as Luke watched the energy build up on the instruments.
"Fire," he called out.
The forward screen filled with a plasma explosion as the Space Station itself seemed to shake.
The lead War Bird was now only many pieces of space junk beginning to circle the station.
The bridge was once again quiet.
"The other two birds?" Luke enquired.
"Cloaked sir, and running scared" Pac said, looking to the screen. "I can follow their trail, because of the damage we did to them, but they will be able to warp soon."
"Don't bother. Stay in orbit of the station, I will beam down and see if there is anything they need. Sezirea with me, Pac, you have the bridge."
"As you command sir," Pac called out, and took his place in the captain's chair as Luke and Sezirea headed to transport.

"What was that about," Luke asked, as they made their way down the hall, away from the others.
"I am unsure, I mean, they had to know we could defend the station," Sezirea replied. "They left quickly when they saw that the station could be defended easily against them."
Luke nodded.
"Maybe they have some answers for us on the station."

"Maybe space is not the final frontier," - Luke Minhere