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02-11-2013, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by claransa View Post
I also agree with the OP, captain only boff skills suck.

Just about everything you read in these forums is about people wanting to optimize the various "builds" whether its the ship build, the capt skills or boff layouts, even doffs used for space or ground. For people who take team play seriously and want to "do their part" in team play, all boff skills should be accessible to them.

What we need, and i'll draw some fire here from my fellow forumites, is a dillithium bridge trainer who for a quantity of dilithium will train skills formerly only available from certain very rare boffs and certain captains with points in the related skill. With this approach very rare boffs are still valuable as would be the ability to train the skill yourself, as it would be a cost savings for the ever increasingly valuable currency dilithium!

I agree with this - 5000d to train a lv3 skill would be a fair price for the luxury of having the very best skills without hassle, plus remove the possibility of losing your highly trained boffs (the number of tss3 trained boffs I've lost on my klink engie while asking for gw3 among others...) - far fairer than 5000d to upgrade a duty officer, at least...