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02-11-2013, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by westx211 View Post
Because D'Tan isn't a secretive douche who would rather turn down help than give something in return.
Last time I checked the Federation didn't do this to extort cloaking devices from the Romulans.
They helped...well to help not to get something out of it.

Originally Posted by westx211 View Post
Also this is the NEW romulan faction not the old one which is all menacing and stuff you guys can't seem to get that apparently.
The Federation is there to help them regardless whether they are wiling to give up one of the few technological edges they have.
Given they probably lost a whole lot of industral as well as R&D capabilities with their homeworld, what they have in terms of technology is even more precious.
So does being NEW Romulus mean they're dumb enough to give away what little edge they have left because doing so doesn't change anything in their favour but dimishes their advantage?