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02-11-2013, 07:20 AM
What are you even talking about? DHCs don't benefit from A2B, why are you even bringing them up? Tech doffs are the point.

OP the spec is fine. Personally I stop at 6 points in most skills because you get less for your money for those last 3 points. I would shave the last 3 our of one or two skills to take warp core potential to at least 6.

I take sensors for the counters it offers and the rare seconds I can keep FOMM on somebody before TT cleans it.

It's cheaper to go 3 into hull plating and 3 into threat control, which also provides damage resistance, instead of 6 hull plating.

One thing I would honestly take 9 points in is batteries. It takes consumables from 10s to 20s and will take the RMC to 30s. With the amount of monkeying around this build does with power levels batteries play a prominent role.

Your build is pretty close to what I run. Marion for DEM?