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# 3575 If I had one request...
02-11-2013, 06:27 AM
Not sure if this has been mentioned before or if I am in the right spot, however if there is one request I would like to make it would be to have the Ignore feature filter not only the ignored players posts in chat but their toon as well.
While simply Ignoring rude, disruptive, or offensive players in the chat is a good way to cut down on trolls and griefers, the fact that said players can still be disruptive with their characters is a problem and pain for those of us who are simply trying to enjoy the game. One need not spend one day in Drozana station (one of, if not the, major RP hubs) to see rude and disrespectful players using fire extinguishers, party poppers and tribble guns to harass and disrupt others players trying to roleplay, in addition to the usual running around on tables, tea-bagging, and whirl pooling. That these players have the right to express themselves or play the game that way is not the issue. The issue is that those being harassed or trolled have no real recourse against them.
I've been playing MMORGs of a number of years and I am still confused as to why such an option appears to be unavailable. The interface options for STO have a setting for "Max Physical Debris Objects" that when set to zero filters out certain pieces of the graphics from the interface (a good way to keep STO from lagging when individuals overuse the party popper balloons btw.) One could reason that these objects have a flag in the code in a way that allows them to be filtered from the player's interface. Thus it does not seem impossible, to me at least, that an "Ignored" player's toon could be marked with a similar flag thus removing them from the ignoring players view.
That trolls and griefers have be a problem for forums and online games since the beginning is a sad fact of life. Some people, for whatever reason, derive enjoyment from making other players miserable. However, by giving other players the ability to completely ignore them it not only deprives the offenders of the attention they so crave, (thus eventually causing them to get bored and leave when their antics are not reacted to) but also gives other players the ability to enjoy the game unmolested and cuts down on headaches for the devs who must no doubt filter through dozens if not hundreds of complaints and reports.
Whether this is a short, mid, or long term request I do not know, nor am I even sure if it is feasible to implement, but I will end on this note. I enjoy playing STO. Its probably one of the best MMORGs I've played long while and has a great deal to offer. It thus saddens me to see such a good game ruined by a handful of immature individuals who are only playing this game so they can abuse and upset others with no recourse or repercussion. Thank you for listening and, even if this is not a new idea, I hope my post will add one more voice to how desired, needed, and beneficial such an option would be to everyone.