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02-11-2013, 06:36 AM
Marion for DEM would be very nice if you can get one. I see you have a torpedo spread. Consider moving to CSV instead of CRF and using DC's instead of DHC's. CSV and DEM play much nicer with DC's and you already were leaning towards a bit of multi target anyways. And I'm saying this purely assuming you want to use this in PVE. For PVP I have no advice for you that would be meaningful. For PVE I've used the things I've suggested so I feel confident reccomending them. Plus I have hours of video backing it up so....

But PVP not so much!

I"ve maxed my low rank weapons skills. Not the VA level skills. Those see about 3 points each. I do well.

Hey cheers and happyflying!

Hai ricky!

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