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02-11-2013, 06:38 AM
Welcome Back!

The subscription doesn't add too much value, but it does give you some perks when leveling up your characters (extra bank, ship and BOFF slots). I would say keep your subscription running while you're leveling up whatever characters you want to level up. If you do remove your subscription, then make sure you buy the Higher EC Cap from the C-store. As a non subed player, you'd be limited to 10 million EC per character with any extra EC made just being lost.

Your best bet for a classic looking ship will most likely be the Excelsior for $20 to unlock on all your characters in the C-Store. If you join a fleet you can buy a slightly more advanced model of that ship for $20 for one character, or if you own the c-store $20 Excelsior already, it will clost $5 to buy the Fleet version for each character.

Your characters will survive as long as you're using the same login info.

I appreciate your positive attitude after spending a good deal of money on the game when you weren't playing it. Leave your in game handle here and I'll send you something shiny to welcome you back to the game.