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02-11-2013, 07:48 AM
I'm not really sold on the romulan experimental plasma beam array. Yes, it doesn't drain power. But it also doesn't benefit from my tactical consoles. So you are literally comparing the no-drain damage output of the REPBA to the with-drain and console-boosted damage output of something else. If that something else is a cannon, and not another beam array, then it will do better. And the "plasma hull melt" firing mode completely fails to impress me, being that it has a minute and a half cooldown for a weak form of APB and about as much damage as a single light torpedo from the hyper-plasma launcher.

Now, if the romulan weapons in the reputation store didn't cost so freaking much THEN it would be worth it. Because then I could use plasma weapons and not give up the disruptor proc. But given that it would take months to get enough dilithium to outfit a single ship with romulan plasma-disruptors, and I can't even use any of them until I have the full set because they are an energy type change...