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02-11-2013, 06:50 AM
Adjusted some of the plan around a bit to take in the advice given. Is this better would you say compared to previous respec planning sheet?

Also if i forgot to say then yes i have a doff for dem (purple, could be marion) and 3 techs (purple) and somit else i forgot it could be a shield officer or another doff for dem.

Thanks for the advice so far.

About dc, i appreciate the advice about them but i have tried them in the past and I do not like em so im sticking to my loadout that i use currently, it does me fine so far. As i said advice to be for respec only, cheers.

Oh also if i also forgot this bit of info im sorry but yes its pve only and elitestfs only. Which i do regularly with ease, im just trying to improve upon what i already have. If its just a small amount then that's fine as i didnt think a respec would be that much different to my old one which it isnt really just bits and pieces a little difference. But every little helps and my past spec was for the breen ship as i think i said which was heavy in particle and graviton gens for the lt comm sci power it could use i.e grav well etc. But since i no longer have a lt comm sci i figured id put them skill points to better use with a respec.

Edit - New revision which i think is a more rounder but still improving as a skill set, attempt.

Lacking in any areas on this one, over powered in any?

Redricky, i see you mentioned put the 6 points into warp core potential but after investigating the benefits of that one and the efficiency one i was wondering were you sure you meant potential one or did you mean the efficiency one because i think the efficiency one would be of more benefit over the potential one due to more increase of my eng and shields which are at the 25 power level ingame atm.

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