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02-11-2013, 07:38 AM
Originally Posted by heero139 View Post
They're still going to be completely broken and overbudgeted.

You get 2.0% crit chance from 27,000 skill points. Minus the crit severity bonus, you'll get a net dps increase about half what you get from 9 ranks in the skill (assuming you have approximately equally budgeted bonuses in critd/h beforehand). Comparatively, efficient boffs give 7.5 skill levels, compared to the ~50 these will be worth, even after the nerf.

Stop failing at basic arithmetic and design balanced stats. The budget in this game for Crit chance vs severity has made seemingly small amounts of crit chance extremely valuable, and 2% is about 7 times more powerful than these stupid things should be worth.
These boffs require a fleet that has put a ton of resources into building an embassy and then further cost the individual even more, 20k dil and 80k fcs. These are not some cheap boffs that should be worthless. If you choose not to spend your resources to get them or not to be a part of a fleet with access to them thats your choice. If that puts you at a disadvantage in pvp then good, players who have put the work into accessing these deserve to have an advantage. I am sick and tired of this nerf everything till its next to worthless attitude that so many people have.

The 3.8% stacking while enjoyable was overpowered, the new version is a reasonable middle ground.