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02-11-2013, 08:43 AM
We are disappointed that the first planned classic tournament fell apart. But we had fun fighting in mixed matches. The idea is gold, and I think we might still be up for take-2 of this approach. Timing is still gonna be a problem, so if you could let us know in advance. 2 of our players are european and 3 of us are based in US. Last time I had to make a small effort to convince one of our euro-players to make it in time .

Great video. There is a small thing in the video I noticed that mystified me. At 10:23 mark if you watch chat channel, Reuben@wildchild8 says 'any word on how the classic tourney is going?' Well that was our fifth and iirc, he had just gotten out of CSE and he asked that in our fleet's private channel. How the hell did that end up in your chat????