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02-11-2013, 09:11 AM
The feds should have cloaks on a mass scale and everyone knows it. The only time they get it is for plot convenience, and the overall concept of cloaking technology is plot convenience in favor of the bad guys.

With that said, cloaking devices are devices of war. It doesn't make sense for the most of starfleet ships to be using them. But it also makes no sense that klingons would be using them. Hiding like a coward is not honorable. Plot convenience.

So, as before I do believe that the treaty with the romulans is null and void. But, as long as cloaking functions the way it does in game I don't really overly care much about getting it more freely. If I feel the need to cloak I'll just use the defiant or switch over to my klingon. Plus there's always the uniqueness factor at play. Any faction outside of the federation needs all the help it can get to motivate people to use them.