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02-11-2013, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
as i understand it, this is the cookycutter build for the fleet excelsior regardless of captain type.
can either be done with beam banks or cannons/turrets.
for doffs you need 2-3 technician doffs (essential to make the build work) and the rest DEM doffs

you could run 2 sets of BOFFS tac boff with APomega1 instead of beta2
If you can't afford the DEM doffs go for a EWP3 instead the DEM3

also keybinds to rotate aux2batt and EPtaux are highly recommanded.
The problem I see with that build is that I can't do much healing for other players. I'm not looking to be a DPS king, I just want to contribute more, effective dps to my team while throwing out heals to those who need it. If it was a pure dps issue, I would use the escorts that I own. I just don't want my shot bouncing off of escort hulls like they have been lately.