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Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
The problem I see with that build is that I can't do much healing for other players. I'm not looking to be a DPS king, I just want to contribute more, effective dps to my team while throwing out heals to those who need it. If it was a pure dps issue, I would use the escorts that I own. I just don't want my shot bouncing off of escort hulls like they have been lately.
you can put in an Extend shields instead of the DEM, and the ET1, HE, TSS should be sufficent team heal anyway...but be sure to use them only while you are high on aux power.
Even without the DEM you should be able to do good dps (atleast on unshielded targets) while having 4 heals + RSP at your disposal.
the drastically shortened cooldowns from the technician doffs on all your BOFF abilities make this build highly effective in many's not called a "cookycutter build" for nothing, it's been proven effective by many people countless times.

but to be honest, you are currently running 3 engineering teams + a EPtengines ontop of 2 EPtShields and no tac team, from that point pretty much anything is better.
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