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02-11-2013, 10:00 AM
You have an interesting idea.

I really do not like how some kits operate right now. Tactical close combat is an example. Lunges, sweeping strikes, they are all physical attacks that have nothing to do with a device. A person either has the skills, appendages, fortitude and strength to do them or they don't. Everyone of every career in SF or KDF should be trained in basic and adv physical combat to execute these moves.

We're it me I would make each kit ability a module in addition to the devices, weapons, armor, and personal shield. I would make a slot for a tricorder and different tricorders for those slots. Tricorders would only do scans, reveals, sensor type abilities. There would then be a total of 4 kit slots and the whole gamut of kit modules that can be filled by a kit module of one single kit ability.
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