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02-11-2013, 10:14 AM
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And how does that address the inherent imbalance? It doesn't. But thanks for mentioning it again. I could just stack evasive doffs couldn't I? Is that a good answer? No it isn't. Im sorry you missed that one. Add it in to your stock. I could just run full impulse! There's another one for you.

Address the issue or don't. Don't confuse the issue. Not very helpful.
What is the issue and foundation of the issue again? That things die too fast when disabled/debuffed? That non-escort ships don't have available fits to boost defense? That non-escort ships don't have counters to debuffs?

I still haven't read a why a disabled/debuffed target shouldn't die fast if no action is quickly taken. What's the point of a hit and run playstyle if nothing will die to the quick spike hit part? There many ways to counter these spike assaults now that we have gear/doffs/boffs/teamplay to pick from (and I'm not even counting Rep systems/Embassy Consoles).

If the argument is non-escorts can't keep a defensive rating up a high amount of time, it's a false argument. I've shown how they can have 60% defense boost in gear and doffs. This gear isn't something escorts would likely run b/c of the combat engines.

If the argument is there aren't Boff stations available to non-escort layouts to counter movement debuffs that's false as well. PH, TBR, Jam Sensors (for TB), Aux2Damp, Engine Batt, Evasives, Deut, ET are all available to non escort ships that have the Boff/Device layouts to counter Tbs/VMs and still fit their primary role w/o a hole in their build.

If the argument is that Escorts are too self reliant, that's probably true, but that is more b/c of rep system, embassy consoles (to a lesser degree), hybrid boff layouts, boosts to base shield/hp levels the past year+, the broken APO defense duration, and cooldown doffs allowing all ships (depending on the build) to preform at a much higher level than they otherwise could.