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02-11-2013, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by inktomi19 View Post
The only nerf I've seen people seriously suggest for the bug is to reduce it's turn rate to a point where it is still the best of any escort.

Right now the bug is equal or better than every escort in every respect except for the number of science consoles. No one has suggested changing that, just reducing it's turn rate to 17 or 18.

Except for the JHAS and the Wells, ships of a certain class have turn rates withing a certain range. Cruisers range from 6-8, Science Vessels 11-13, and Escorts are 16-17. As long as ships fall into those narrow ranges, their turn rate isn't compensated by a significant difference in other areas. The Assault Cruiser and Star Cruiser for example are nearly carbon-copies of one another in most ways despite the Assault cruiser being more maneuverable.

The Bug is broken because it is a best-in-class escort in every other way, but with far better turning than any other escort. "Nerfing" it's turn down to 17 would still leave the bug equal to or better than every other escort. Similarly,the Wells should probably have it's turn rate brought in line with science ships at around 13.

Alternatively, if other escorts were buffed into the the JHAS's class that might help, but it the turn rates for escorts were buffed up to 19-20 instead of 15-16, and science ships up to 13-15 instead of 11-13, then every other ship in the game would need turn rates increased too. It seems more sane to just make the JHAS turn like an escort, and the Wells turn like a science ship.

only the turn rate you have seen suggested?

I have seen some who say nerf the turn rate,,,the shield mod,,,the impulse mod, the Boff layout ect ect....they want everything on this ship nerfed. If they dont want to buff the other escorts than no i wouldnt throw a fit if they just bumped the jem bug down 2 points in turn rate.