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02-11-2013, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by ilhansk View Post
I recognize your @handle from yesterday in Kerrat and I've seen you duel said person.

That person who you fought is one of the best players in this game and also a member of the currently best PVP fleet in this game. So do not get discouraged that it wasn't enough to pull off a victory against him. Think of it as an incentive to improve.

The deciding factor in your duel was NOT the build/spec nor the gear. It was buff reading and timing. Small example: You say you have your CRF on spacebar. Take it off. Time your CRF manually for maximum effectivity.

Don't get me wrong, you need a decent spec in order to be able to compete in the first place, and I am sure there could be some room in fine tuning your spec. But compared to the ability to read the opponents buffs and timing one owns buffs, speccing only plays the second fiddle.

The Hilbert Guide is not intended nor is it capable to make someone competitive against the most experienced players / fleets. It is intended to be a starting point for beginners, to correct the biggest blunders.

The quality of your gear is also not as important as timing. It only becomes the deciding factor if skill level of two competing players are almost the same.

Having said that, Fleet Dual Heavies are not well suited for dueling. They are far better weapons available on the exchange.

If you are really interested to improve, I am sure we can help you out. Contact us ingame (type /who Turkish) and join us on Teamspeak. If one of our veteran escort players are online and have the time, they will help you out.
much appreciated, will do, and yeh i dont name names on the forum