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02-11-2013, 12:01 PM
First Build Smart...
Second Know how the build works...
Third use it properly...

People don't always plan there builds properly in an MMO.

First you have to decide what it is you want to accomplish with your build... Then you need to understand how you are going to do that....

So for example lets say... I want a good Hybrid Escort Build... I want to be able to kill people... I also want to not go down 10s after I start taking fire....

So Plan how you are going to do that...

DPS on an escort is easy... there are plenty of good ideas... and the simple 4 dhc rapid fire omega setup is well known and easy to use... which if you are newer or less experienced with pvp will leave you able to better focus on the defense end.

So now you want to plan your build...

Shields are the best way to survive.... Emergency power to shields is needed... and really you want to have that up 100%...
So you can... Run 2 copies.... Run 1 copy and employ doffs to try to keep it at 100%... but keeping it there is important.

Now you want to Think about sci shield heals... Transfer Shield Strength... again pretty much needed on every ship... this is the part people forget... Understand how it effects your shield regen and resistance values. Understanding that you can better judge when to say switch to a higher shield power setting... or perhaps pop a shield batt.

In a typical fight... you might want to start by poping your epts to get that roll going... when you need it you can use your TSS... count it off and KNOW when it expires... if you are under heavy fire it never hurts to chew a shield bat. KNOW how long your bat will last and when it is about to leave you be ready to switch to a higher shield power setting if needed.

After your shields you need to worry about hull... 1 most people run resistant shields Maco is the obvious choice there... this will reduce the bleed dmg you take and the amount of hull you need to heal.

However be ready to keep your hull resistances up... run 1-2 armour units.. USE your Brace For impact the SECOND your shield starts to run out... the extra kinetic resist will save you, if you have the room Hazard doffs are nice as well they will kick in the = of an extra armour unit for 10s when you Brace for impact, they can be a life saver as well and they arn't % chance based which is nice.

Defense... if you do not understand defense and what it does for you... figure it out. If you open your ship tab when you are somewhere like say earth space dock... look at the defense tab and see the defense number. Pop a few of your buffs to see how it effects that number... and try different speed settings (including reverse) so you understand how your buffs effect that number... speed will boost it ... evasive will boost it... omega will boost it... and going backwards is better then not moving at all.

Now that you have an idea HOW your ships buffs effect your Shield Regen numbers / hull resists values... and defense numbers... you are ready to WISELY use them.

Almost everything has diminishing returns... and in general its better to always be protected a good amount then to be over protected then under protected.

So I am pretty much saying roll your buffs... save them for when you need them most... and most important UNDERSTAND when you need them most.

Should you choose to fly in from of another escorts front arc... if you KNOW you have a low shield power setting up... and no TSS... and no Defense buffs running... NO don't do it.

Do you take that chance when your shield is at full your TSS is up and you have omega up... yes if you need to.

In general the guys that seem to be taking a ton more dmg then other people aren't often doing much different in there build... they simply play with an understanding of there build.

For example if you see my escort evasive to get behind you and pop a bunch of Offensive buffs... there is a good chance the better half of my heals are on cool down.
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