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02-11-2013, 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by jengoz View Post
Some buddies in my fleet where wondering/ ******** about who picks the spotlights this weekend. It seems that the same few authors are getting picked to be spotlighted over and over. Not that they don?t have good stuff. But a few guys in my fleet have some really good stuff too and spent a lot of time working on their missions. They have submitted them to be spotlighted. But no one plays their missions. They told me they were giving up on making missions because they felt they were not a part of Brandflake ?s clique and would not be able to get their spotlighted.
There are only a couple authors that have had more than one mission featured; I really try to avoid this, but some missions are just too good to not feature. There are also plenty of authors on the spotlight list I linked above that are not well known in the community. I really do look for new and upcoming authors and missions to spotlight.


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