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First off, are you running the combat tracker? It's nigh impossible to tell if you are being more or less effective without one. What kind of DPS/HPS numbers do you post?
My Friends that have run their parser said I do between 4.5-6.5 in KASE, mostly depending on what else makes up the team, cruisers make me go higher, escorts, lower. I'm not sure there is a totally accurate "baseline" way to get a real dps value enless everyone is using the same, controlled situations. What I do know is that some escorts that are resistance stacked are having my shots more or less bouncing off of them.

I tried to do the parser thing myself, but I couldn't figure it out

Originally Posted by moronwmachinegun View Post
It seems like you are spending a lot of slots to get turnrate. Or are the Evasive DOFFs and Deuterium tanks more for speed/defense than turning? Are you having problems getting your cannons in line with targets?

If so, could beams and BFaW be a better choice for you? Less turning and worrying about hitting targets, IMO.
The only console 100% dedicated to my turn rate its the RCS, the Tackyokinetic Converter I threw in mostly because of the damage bonuses it gives, the 22% turn rate bonus was just a nice add on to it. It leaves me a little bit more comfortable than if I didnt have it.

The other gear:
-Deut' Tanks are my "Get outta Dodge" items. The evasive doffs are more for speed/defense. I sometime pop it and EPTE1, just before I get into firing range for speed instead of full impulse of wasting a deut burn. Other times I throw evasive to improve my reverse speed. I don't have that much of a problem keeping my cannons on target, but I probably would pick up a little more turn if I wanted to go DBB heavy in the front.

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