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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
What is the issue and foundation of the issue again? That things die too fast when disabled/debuffed? That non-escort ships don't have available fits to boost defense? That non-escort ships don't have counters to debuffs?
The lack of counters is probably the biggest problem.
If the argument is there aren't Boff stations available to non-escort layouts to counter movement debuffs that's false as well. PH, TBR, Jam Sensors (for TB), Aux2Damp, Engine Batt, Evasives, Deut, ET are all available to non escort ships that have the Boff/Device layouts to counter Tbs/VMs and still fit their primary role w/o a hole in their build.
All of those are available to escorts as well. Their use on non-escorts is limitted for the same reasons that it is limited on escorts.

The central problem is that APO is a great buff for DPS in addition to providing protection from movement debuffs, so an escort can use a couple of copies of it without having to hinder themselves in other ways. A science ship might work a copy of PH into it's build, but so could an escort, and both are likely to be giving up exactly the same powers to do it. The difference is that the escort is going to receive a large amount of protection from APO in addition to using PH for emergencies.

Honestly if Aux2Damp and PH were buffed a bit, that would probably level the playing field some, since those are available to all ship types. Just make both of them do what they currently do, but also render a ship immune to movement debuffs for their duration.

That would make them powerful, but both of those abilities conflict with other powerful abilities, so ships would still be losing something to get them. Running Aux2Damp means you can't chain Aux2SIF or Aux2Battery, and PH shares the same slots with HE, TSS, and TB.

Escorts would still have an edge, since they only need to cover the gaps when APO is not up, where most other ship types can't even run a single copy of APO.

It's just problematic that one ship type has so much better options for preserving it's defense than the others.