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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
I do

Nope; I've featured missions that include those that many have not played, as well as some that are well known. This last one was a KDF mission and had less than 40 reviews when it went up for featuring. It was suggested by various members of the community, I played through it, found it to be amazing, and reached out to the author. The missions that get picked do not have to coincide with STO's timeline or interpretation. If you've played through every single spotlighted mission on this list (, you'd know this to not be the case.

There is no criteria, per se, other than "was this mission amazing, did it impress me, and do I think all players should play it?" and "does it not break the EULA?". I take suggestions from the community (forums, twitter, podcasts, facebook, etc.), play through the missions, and reach out to the authors.

Thanks for the feedback.


Brandon =/\=
Oh wow, an actual response... I do feel lucky. Yes, I have over eight missions btw and constantly reviewed for spelling and grammatical errors and canon accuracy which is something that even STO doesn't do very well but that's besides the point.

I don't feel sorry for people who get negative comments because if they cannot make something to a standard that upholds Star Trek then they shouldn't do it at all.

I just feel that what is the point of making things if people are only going to stick to well known authors or missions like "easy money" that actually abuse what the foundry was made for.

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