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02-11-2013, 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
If you had gotten the Borg set prior to the Reputation system (added in Season 7) - it became a MkXI set. If you didn't have the set prior to Season 7 - as you gain Omega Rep - the ability to obtain the gear unlocks, and you can now get MkX, MkXI and MkXII versions of the set (and all other Borg space and Ground sets) - but for the set bonus, all your items must be tenh sa,me Mk level, thus, most players I know wait until they hit Tier 5 Omega Rep bofore they start spending on the Borg sets as you just need to buy them once at MkXII.

But, yeah, not a bug with the new Rep system in place.
... We're talking about totally different things, I think. The set works fine, its basic stats scale properly. It's a Mark XI and all the set bonuses show as being active.

My issue is that the multi-regenerative aspect of it seems underpowered and I'm wondering if that's by design. The 2-piece bonus "Autonomous Regeneration" kicked in 5 times during the battle and it healed a quite useful 2621 hitpoints for 10 seconds each time. Compared to that 300+90*4 shields is laughable especially when the only time it ever activates is when you desperately need shield strength i.e. thousands of points, not 300.

If it's SUPPOSED to be borderline ineffective, then there's no point in using the 3-piece Borg set and I'll just move on. I'm merely seeking clarification whether it's performing like it's supposed to.